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PEEBLES, Ante 1600-1962

PEEBLES, Ante 1600-1962

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By Anne Bradbury Peebles. 191p. 1962.

David Peebles first appears on the records of Virginia in 1649 when he applied for a grant to land in the present Prince George County. He was probably one of adherents of Charles I, who escaped to Virginia in 1649. Parish registers in Fife County, Scotland, show he had a wife, Elspet Mackie, and at least four children, born 1634-1644. She nor any of the younger children came to Virginia. He married 2) Elizabeth Bishop in 1655. They had two daughters. He died ca. 1659. His oldest son, William Peebles (1635-ca. 1695) arrived in Virginia after his death to take over his affairs. He married twice and had two sons. Descendants lived in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, and elsewhere.

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