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PERLEY: History & genealogy of the Perley family

PERLEY: History & genealogy of the Perley family

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By M. V. B. Perley. 748p. (numbered), 1906.

880 actual pages, 5 dozen full page portraits; 280 illustrations; index to every proper name; biography covers two thirds of the book.

   "Don't be deceived. The book is not the ordinary genealogy of dates and names.  It is a history; it reads like a history.  There are more than five dozen portraits with their biographies; numerous examples of unsurpassed bravery, as witness there doubt of Bunker Hill, the Pigwacket of Captain Lovewell and the War of 1812; and of patriotism, as witness the wars for the mother country; as colonists; against her, as revolutionists, and as defenders of our home government in the Civil War.
   It has its Wandering Jew, its Country's Wonder, its escapades in courtship, its triumphs in politics, and its stories of pioneering and of country-wide travel.  It shows how the family's money built churches and schools; how ministers, doctors, lawyers and teachers were ornaments to their professions; how statesmen, by efficiency and integrity, enjoyed repeated elections; and how men 'with the hoe', the trowel, the saw, and other implements of their craft, by diligence, enterprise and sobriety, reared happy homes and garnered wealth."

Promotional excerpt taken from  "A Short History of the Salem Village Witchcraft Trials" M.V.B. Perley, Publisher - 1911 (Reprint also available through Higginson Books!)

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