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OCCULT: Spiritism, The Modern Satanism (1920)

OCCULT: Spiritism, The Modern Satanism (1920)

  • 1800

By Thomas F. Coakley, 1920. (132p.)

Excerpt from Spiritism: The Modern Satanism

It is evident from our current literature that thoughtful students of the Spiritistic movement are beginning to realize that, in the controversy to which it has given rise, problems of a very grave character are involved and that these problems cannot possibly be shelved or ignored. To the ordinary reader of the popular works on Spiritism increasingly issuing from the press, the phenomena described and the spirit messages reported constitute no doubt the most interesting and fascinating aspect of the subject. He accepts the evidence presented at its surface value, and is quite willing to believe that the spirits of the departed have found a means of communication with the sense world, and that they are really the individuals they claim to be.

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