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SALEM, MA: What Salem Dames Cooked (Softcover)

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"What Salem Dames Cooked in 1700, 1800 & 1900".

40p. - Originally printed in 1911 for the Esther C. Mack Industrial School in Salem, Massachusetts.

The book includes recipes from The Complete Cook’s Guide from 1683, The Frugal Housewife or Complete Woman Cook from 1730, and Old Grandmother’s Cookbook from 1800. There is also a section of recipes from women in Salem at the time the book was published in 1911.

“In Salem, Esther C. Mack was particularly concerned about the daughters of European immigrants who had made their way here to work in the mills. What about these young women who needed to earn a living? Where would they receive training? What would prevent them from a life of "immorality," which upper class Salem women worried about?

In her will, Esther C. Mack bequeathed funds to create the Mack Industrial School where young women received training in all sorts of skills from millinery to gardening. They also learned hygiene and physical fitness. The school opened in 1897, and by 1908 five hundred students were enrolled.”
Originally published February 27, 2013. This post is contributed by a community member.
Credit: Salem Patch



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